Virtual Assistants

Executive Admin Support

When you hire a virtual assistant to help you with your administrative work, you empower your business to do better. The virtual assistant strategically maintains a sound relationship with you and the work assigned. We take it as our personal responsibility to provide assistants with high caliber to approach your business in the best possible way. This way you can outsource your office tasks in peace. To better understand their roles and duties, please consult the list of services offered below.

Considering that a virtual assistant can truly take care of your administrative duties for affordable prices, hiring one over an organic assistant is truly a smart move to make. You get out of providing for the employee and do not need to pay them for infrastructure and resources

a) Designing lucid and effective PowerPoint presentations
b) Designing brochures, postcards and company flyers
c) Creating product and price lists
d) Including charts and graphical images
e) Including information pertaining to marketing support and desktop publishing
f) Managing third party vendors for marketing materials

a) Entering data into database
b) Maintaining and mining of entered data
c) Processing and converting data
d) Formatting of Data

a) Designing and Maintaining spreadsheets
b) Creating reports
c) Data sorting and importing/exporting of data
d) Including graphical content
e) Keeping accounts in spreadsheets
f) Creating PowerPoint presentations
g) Managing spreadsheets

a) Documenting business reports
b) Creating forms
c) Formatting and Editing Documents
d) Handling Correspondence via fax, emails, regular mail and video calling
e) Creating and editing email content

a) Conducting thorough internet based researches
b) Conducting market study and product research
c) Market analysis through the internet
d) Learning to compare different aspects of a product
d) Learning to compare different aspects of a product