Internet Research


With the cost of full-time employees increasing, hiring a virtual assistant (VA) makes great business sense. While you are focusing on the core areas of your business, you might feel the need for an assistant who could do the relevant groundwork by doing thorough Internet research. However, employing someone solely for Internet research can be quite expensive, considering the fact that you will have to provide a computer, office space, Internet connectivity, etc. to the employee and also remuneration as per the labor laws.

  • Bringing up-to-date online databases
  • Job search and application
  • Providing flight lists and reserving flights online
  • Finding business hotels on the Internet
  • Charges and catalogues search
  • Keyword Search
  • Website research
  • Confirming online networking sites for business prospects
  • Search for domain accessibility
  • Statistics support
  • Research data collection
  • Correspondence management
  • Seeking information on the most recent technology
  • Purchasing research reports

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