Frequently Asked Questions

We offer our services at the monthly package and customized package. Please visit our plans section of this site for more

How to choose your own Virtual employee as per your requirement?
Visit our Virtual Assistant Rates and Retainers page to find out how affordable and flexible we really are.
The real question is, can you afford not to have a virtual assistant? Time is a valuable commodity and in short supply. When you hire a VA to handle time-consuming tasks, you’re literally buying back your own time. Think of what you could accomplish if you had just a few more hours in your day!

What happens after I sign up?

You will be contacted by one of our Team Leaders within 4 to 8 hours after your sign up and they will assign you a dedicated VA who they think will be the best candidate for you depending on your needs.

 What is our Payment option?

 We accept via PayPal, American Express, Amex, Discover, and all other payment options. If you are interested in our monthly retainers, the full monthly payment is due at the beginning of each month. Visit our Virtual Assistant Rates and Retainers page to find out more.

What does contracting a virtual assistant commit me to?
You are committed only to the project or time period for which you contract our services. Your virtual assistant’s potential is best realized in an ongoing business relationship. However, we also understand that your organization’s needs will change and develop over time. You may need us one month and not another, or you may require our help for one project and never need our services again. We are flexible and can easily accommodate your changing needs.

What will I do if I am not happy with my current Virtual Assistant?
In this case, we provide an employee shifting provision for our clients if they are not satisfied with their existing VA. So, change is possible immediately if you contact us on You can always reach your Team Leader and discuss any concerns that you might have if you are not happy with the current VA.
We can always assign you a new VA if needed.

Can I cancel at any time?
There are no contracts and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your service any time before your next billing cycle. Just send us an email to or just let the Team Leader/VA know about the change and we’ll adjust your plan accordingly.

Do you have an hourly rate?
Yes, we do provide an hourly rate of service per hour in our customized plan. However, we encourage our clients to take advantage of our monthly plans with hourly rates as low as $4.50per hour. We have designed our plans in such a way that the higher the plan amount, the lower will be your hourly rate.

How do I keep track of my hours?
You will be sent a task report on a daily basis at the end of the shift with the name of the project that you have assigned, time is taken to complete each project, status of the project whether it’s completed or not and if not completed, the reason for that.

 What if I have more questions?
If you have any other specific questions that are not answered above, feel free to use our contact us form or send an email directly to and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with the answers to your questions via email or phone. If you are ready to go ahead and hire a virtual assistant, just select the plan that fits your budget, sign up, and enjoy the free time that you could save by using our VA service. Your VA will get in touch with you with their contact info within 24 hours of your sign up. We look forward to starting working with you and provide you excellent customer service.

How safe is my information?
We use top niche SSL encryption to make sure your data stays safe and protected. Our assistants can’t access any of the personal information that you have provided without prior authentication.

How do I get in touch with a My Virtual Worker’s assistant?
Your personal assistant is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, call us on us line number (814) 414 4665 or email us Give specific and detailed descriptions of what you would like done and offer direction on how you would like this task executed. Our agents will make sure that they clear up any doubts.

Is there any start-up fee?
Absolutely Not! My Virtual Worker’s only charges the subscription fee of the plan you choose.

How do I unsubscribe my membership?
You can cancel MVW service at any time by emailing us at at least 3 days prior to your next billing cycle begins.

I have other friends interested in this can I share my membership with them?
Our business plans allow multiple users to be set up but only within the allotted hours in the plan.

How does The MVW virtual assistant bill?
Plans will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis starting from the date you signed up. We will bill the monthly subscription fee to the credit card you provided to us during registration and your membership will automatically renew for the following month without prior notice unless you cancel your membership.

  Bigger Cost Savings.
We manage these things, so you don’t have to pay either of.
• Zero Holiday Pay or Sick Leaves
• Zero Employee Retirement Benefits
• Zero Furniture, Office and Computers Costs
• Zero Recruitment or Payroll Costs
• Zero Employee Medical Insurances.

  We don’t require any special trainer because we have highly skilled technically well off quality supervisor & operational and development manager who will go through the task provided by you and have a check on that. After understanding the task, we will confirm your task by email and then start executing it. When you hire a virtual assistant, our job is to make your day better and make you at ease. Your satisfaction is a key to the success of your and our business, so you can expect solid and reliable performance on a continuing basis. You can trust your virtual assistant who will take care of your business requirements as his own because our business is helping YOUR business SUCCEED.

Communication is very important in developing and maintaining an effective relationship with your personnel executive virtual assistant. We communicate via primary communication e-mail, telephone, and Skype. All of your communication with us will be answered instantly in the normal case. If everything is going well, communicating twice a week is usually sufficient. And also we will give a feedback call at the end of every month from our Team Leaders for your convenience.

You may also communicate with your Virtual Assistant via.
• Text messaging
• Conference calls and webcams
• Online chat rooms
• Instant messenger programs (SKYPE & Other business communication messenger tool)
• Virtual help and remote assist programs

Shift Timing
In our Full-time Virtual Assistant plan, your hire virtual assistants to work exclusively for you. The virtual assistant will work Monday to Friday, eight hours a day, excluding one-hour total breaks (total 9-hours). You can also choose shift timing when you like your assigned virtual assistant to start his shift.